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Welcome to Undoxxed!

Single-click strategy platform to help you build wealth in uncertain times

Undoxxed is a multi-chain asset management platform that enables leverage and cross-margin on quant strategies. We offer access to high-grade on-chain strategies that are tailored to your risk appetite. Our automated platform allows you to sit back and earn across market cycles.
This is the lazy way to invest in crypto like a pro.

Sustainable and verifiable #RealYield

No unsustainable DeFi ponzi-nomics.
No questionable off-chain activities masquerading as strategy alphas.
Only automated on-chain strategies with yields that are explainable and verifiable.

Maximum capital efficiency

Let's face it. Today's DeFi is highly inefficient. Protocols operate in their own walled garden and the trust-less designs require users to over collateralize on every platform. This is about to change.
Undoxxed pioneered a DeFi layer 2 solution that enables investors to unlock idle liquidity. By creating a platform-owned strategy liquidity layer, we can provide leverage and cross-margin capabilities that massively improve DeFi inefficiencies. $100 invested through Undoxxed can give you $200 or more exposure on the same or different strategies across different platforms.

Who we are

We are a group of DeFi enthusiasts that have been building since 2018. Our core contributors range from portfolio managers that have managed $billion+ in TradiFi quant strategies to technologists that have built successful DeFi protocols.
We believe in a multi-chain future and equal access to high-grade strategies for all.
Participating in Undoxxed holds no promise of financial gain. Please use our products responsibly, and never contribute more to any Undoxxed product than you can afford to lose. Please only participate in Undoxxed protocol to the extent allowed by your jurisdiction. Undoxxed protocol does not guarantee any compensation for any of our users in the event of exploits, hacks, and other unforeseeable negative events.
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